Tuesday, March 21, 2006

New Obsession!

I have just discovered the world of ATC/ACEOs. In English that is Art Trading Cards or Art Cards Editions and Originals. Here is a website devoted to the subject. Basically this swiss artist came up with the idea of trading these little 2.5" x 3.5" guys (that's wallet photo, trading card, business card, and playing card size) with other artists in 1996. Then, later, people began selling them on eBay and other art auction sites. Most of them go for really cheap, but some are pretty pricey and are selling even more than artists' full size work. Of course, if you have your own to give away, you can get some for free.

Apparently the most fun part is attending a swap. That does sound really cool. Big gatherings of artists giving each other art for free. Don't know if there are ever any swaps anywhere near Denver though.

I'm so excited, I think this is my new hobby. I just have been bidding on some cheapies on eBay. Expect to see a collection developing in our house soon.

You'll have to excuse, me. I have to go make some ACEOs now. Tata!

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