Monday, October 13, 2008

Halloween Mobile/Curtain Tutorial [Edited]

Edited to include a clearer photo of the finished project (not a good tutorial without a clear photo!)

I made this Halloween decoration that was so fun I want to make more.  In case any of you are interested, here are the steps I took to make my first one.

1.  Take 9 - 12 sheets of computer paper and paint both sides with acrylic paint.  I did three yellow/orange/white, three blue/white, and three blue/black sheets.  I liked the variation in color, so I allowed a lot of the blending to happen on the paper versus using single or pre-mixed colors.
Then let sit to dry (above.)  Note:  You'll need to cover your table with something protective because this is pretty messy!

2.  Trace different sizes of circles on the light-colored papers and trace bats out on the black papers.  Cut them out.
3.  (Optional) Draw lines on the bats with pencil to show where their bodies and lines in their wings are.

4.  Attach to strings using a large sewing needle.  Tie a half knot at each piece to keep each in place on the string.

5.  Hang the strings from another string that is taped to the ceiling at both ends.  Finished!  Note:  Make sure the string is securely attached to the ceiling or it'll all come flopping down as it did to me.  And it's not easy untangling these guys.

6.  Stand back and admire how modern and cool they look and how calming it is to watch them twirl with the air current.

Safety note:  Please keep toddlers away from ladders.  YIKES!
PS Embrace imperfection!

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