Thursday, May 12, 2011

iPad art?

This morning I did a little playing around with art creation on the iPad.

What do you think? Is the iPad something we can really use to make art? Or is it just a fun toy to play around with? It is kind of fun and freeing to work with. I can see it as a great tool for sketching for sure. I'm envisioning doing some travel sketches on my next trip somewhere. It doesn't have the same charm for me as a sketch done with tangible materials. It doesn't have the temporal and spacial 'realness' of a paper sketch where the drawing medium has interacted with the paper in unexpected and almost imperceptible ways. But it seems like it could have its own merits.

Here are some iPad art 'pieces' I found:

Click on the above image to see some of the artist's other terrific celeb portraits.

And this artist has some astonishing what he calls "finger paintings".

And I found this and other amazing iPad 'paintings' in a Flickr iPad art group pool.

They're certainly impressive, but do they have the same value as something with more spacial and temporal realness?

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