Monday, May 25, 2009

Jacira finished!

Hubby kept complaining that my drawing made her look heavy so there was some tweakage this morning. You know you're done tweaking when you made one tiny tweak too many.
Went to scan this but then realized the size if the paper is too large
for the scanner! Ugh! I think I will have to get it professionally
scanned. Drag!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jacira - Work in Progress

Jacira - WIP
Been working on this portrait again today. Much better this time. Had some problems though. Was working on it outside, and my muddy dog actually STOOD ON IT!!! I shrieked! I tried to rub off the mud, even began damaging the paper, but no, couldn't get the mud off. So I began again. But nothing I drew could approach this one. So I went back to it and decided that most of the damage would be covered by Jacira's jet-black hair so I would let it go. Still, there is some raw/rough paper where I rubbed too hard, and the texture of my color changes there. Bummer.

Jacira - WIP
My 'real' camera is in repair and the iphone never keeps the proportions right. This does actually look better in person. There is still some tweaking to do for sure though. And obviously I have to finish the rest of the piece. But I am mostly happy with it. Obviously it's not her face precisely, but if I don't show my hand and my interpretation than what's the point of doing the drawing? If you want true photo-realism without flaws, hang up the photo. 

[EDIT - 5:40pm]
Jacira - finished?
Still needs some tweaks. I think I will sleep on this and see how it hits me in the morning. Not set on the background either.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sketch for 2nd giveaway winner

I started off thinking this might be a finished portrait but I'm
definitely calling this a sketch. It's a start but Jacira is much
prettier than this. Some proportions are off and I think the messy
colored pencil look doesn't work for a portrait. Or at least not like
this. Back to the drawing board!

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dress and Booties for Laurita

I used the Mae Day sundress pattern for the dress and this pattern for the booties.
I knit like mad. I got the booties done in half a day, and the dress done in two days. Just in time for the baby shower!

I'm really pretty proud of the dress.
Dress & booties for Laurita
Booties for Laurita
Dress for Laurita
Dress & booties for Laurita
Dress & booties for Laurita
Dress for Laurita
Dress for Laurita
Dress for Laurita

Friday, May 01, 2009