Wednesday, March 15, 2006

More Alien Story Sketches

Well there have some opinions about the other post I put up earlier on some different variations of "Allaboo" a character from a story I wrote. People (some cast their votes via email instead of by comment) seem to prefer the older one, because the newer one is creepy. I am not sure I mind the creepy aspect. I would rather that than have my illustrations be too cutesy. I am not a fan of cutesy styles. I like the style of the first Allaboo, but worry he is too cutesy. Plus there is that whole thing that I mentioned about wanting to give him more human eyes. Anyway, I have some other versions of characters here. And then some other illo sketches for other things. Let me know what you think!

Still playing with style (above). Some ideas for the other children in the story.

I had forgotten about these altogether!
I came across these in an old school notebook:

I think this Allaboo is my fave so far as far as style, etc.. Maybe I will try and make a cleaned up version with GIMP and post him again.

And here is another drawing of that character I had drawn before:

Here are some other drawings I did that aren't related to this story:

The one on the left was for a poem I wrote about rain. The one on the right was a stylized drawing I did of myself when I was a bit thinner and had short hair. Can't remember what I was planning on using this for. I think I was fiddling around with some wedding invite design ideas.

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