Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Anthony's Icing

Pen, ink wash, & color pencil.

While everyone was busy looking at how cute the birthday girl was, big brother Anthony was busy sneaking tastes of the cake.

If you are interested in how I did this one, keep reading. I have notes & photos. Oh and please forgive the nasty scans, Our scanner is just a hair too small for this size art.

The materials:
A pen, a paintbrush, ink, water, paper, and a reference photo (which I made in GIMP from collaging different photo elements.)

And now that you've seen the original photo, let's not dwell on how different the drawing is!

Ok. So first I started with a sketch in pen:

Then I did a light ink wash to fill in some larger areas:

After that, I started doing some shading & building up some darker values with layers of ink wash & also some slightly darker tones of wash:

Then I went in and started really developing depth with darker shades, and more layering:

As it turns out, I went a bit too far on this one, when (during the adding of more darks & further depth) I decided that my Anthony drawing needed corrective surgery to give him a shorter forehead.
I also put some pink coloring pencil shading in to emphasize the icing and add some further visual interest.

So there you have it. The process for this one in a nut shell.

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