Monday, March 30, 2009

Portrait #1 DONE!

Lorna and Morfar
Lorna and Morfar, Graphite on Paper, March 2009

C'est finis!  (Original here.)

I thought it was finished last night. Then, I got crazy this morning and started tweaking it, which is generally NOT a good idea (once you think you might be done). I usually go a few steps too far and regret it. Didn't do that, but I'm absolutely FIGHTING the urge to tweak further.

I'm sad to say I do have some problems with this drawing. It's about 15+ years since I have worked with pencil/graphite so I'm learning the medium over again (and learning the limitations of my eraser!)

Morfar's face is a bit overworked, and not right, and baby Lorna is not as solid looking as I'd like, but I'm afraid of ending up with her being overworked.

It's not too bad for my first portrait effort after a HUGE drawing break though.

Now on to portrait #2!  Wahoo!


abby jane said...

awesome! i wish i would have submitted! i just couldn't get my sh&* together

Elisabeth said...

No worries! I will be having more giveaways in the future, so just find some pictures in the meantime so you're ready!

Also, don't you draw too? You can make your own!!