Saturday, March 14, 2009

And the winners are... (Part 1)

This competition has been a little bit educational for me. I learned a lot about communication and that my limited instructions can mean lots of different things to lots of different people.

You know, when I think portrait (especially one I'm going to draw) I think... one person, human, upper torso, and head. I knew I was going to get some variations on that. But I didn't expect LARGE group photos, photos with lots of scenery, photos of animals, photos of statues.

No worries peeps! I'm not mocking your misunderstanding. But I am laughing at myself and how this sort of turned out to be a little game of "Chinese Whispers" or "Telephone" as Americans call it. Anyway, I really would have found it HILARIOUS to be doing a portrait of a Buddha statue or a camel as a result of this competition, so I left most of the entries in.

There were a lot of entries! 16 people and 44 images! Phew! I weeded out a few that just wouldn't be feasible for me to draw and then this morning I lept out of bed and ran to my desk to write down all the image names on little bits of paper. Then I thought that was so fun, so tactile, and so old-fashioned, I went and grabbed an actual hat to put them in!

My son didn't turn out to be too much help.  But I selected five images from the hat.  And here are the winners names...


Haha!  Tricky me!  The last name and all the corresponding images to be revealed soon!  Stay tuned!

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