Saturday, April 11, 2009

Knitting and stuff

I haven't had focused time that I could devote to working on those portraits since I got the first one finished.  But I hope to resume work on those within a week.  In the meantime, I've been knitting a fair bit.  And for the first time I made my own pattern and am using it to make myself a little cashmere/silk top with this yarn:

Knitting with Cashmere/Silk

Yummy stuff.  I can't wait to see if the top is actually wearable!  I will post my pathetic little pattern sketch up here for all to see at some point.

I also made a few knitted soap covers:
Knitted Soap Cover
...out of this yarn:
Blue Cotton

And the first half of a sweater, knit out of bamboo:
Half a bamboo sweater
Oh my gosh, bamboo is a dream to knit with (if you can get past the nightmare of the balls of yarn which tangle badly if a lot of care isn't taken.)

I've been drawing a lot of airplanes for my son's birthday party (tomorrow):
Yellow Airplane
(scribbles added by said son)

And today I made this little drawing for a birthday gift for another little two-year old friend:
I like the idea of children being given art for their birthdays so they have a collection when they become adults. I read about some parents doing that in a magazine once. So lately our little friends have been getting art from me.

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