Friday, January 26, 2007

New Policy on Visual Space

No nudity on the front page! Ok, I think it's totally ridiculous to worry about some sketches of some nudes on websites, but I have had a couple of comments from people that they became embarrassed while looking
at my blog at work etc.. Then my teacher sister & bro-in-law both said they would get fired if they looked at any nude art online while at work. My other sister and I grilled them on this... even the Statue of David??? Yeppers! Ridiculous I say! (And it makes me wonder about visual depictions of genitalia in Bio class, are drawings allowed there? I remember there being at least cross sections done, but why would that be ok and David not? Where is the line here??)

Still, as ridiculous as it might be, I don't want people to get into trouble for looking at my blog, so.... for anything that has any nudity here (and there is only one post so far) I will not put the picture on the main page, you will have to go to the actual page for that post to view the artwork. So if you notice any postings that don't have previews on the main page, that's why. But that is as far as I will take that kind of censorship. I am not going to have any warnings in the titles, or anything like that, you go to the rest of the pages on my blog at your own risk. But the main page is safe! (Haha! The post in question was actually a piece called "Safe!" Oh the irony!

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